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Tania and Rod

A narrow little street in the back blocks of Richmond Melbourne, four newly renovated terrace houses, no parking space, dozens of onlookers and television crew everywhere.  The air was abuzz. 

Our brief was to organise trees for “The Block” contestants, Tania and Rod that would screen out the two story dwelling behind, that had full vision into Rod and Tania’s back yard.

Our choice for an instant screen was 4m Ornamental Pears called Winter Glow. This attractive ornamental pear has become a popular screening plant, as it retains its glossy green foliage for most of winter. It has an upright pyramidal shape, white spring blossom and these features combined with its year round foliage that makes it a great ornamental pear to select as a tall fast growing screen.

Q. How do you get 4m trees out to the back yard of a terrace house?

A.  Through the centre of the house.

Our challenge was to dodge camera crews and get five 4m pears to the back yard. There was only one way. Down the central hall way, being careful not to mark, scuff or damage, newly surfaced floors and walls.

No lifting devices, just pure manpower....




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