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Blerick’s Pricing system

At Blerick our prices are generally systemised by pot size.  The indicative price and heights provided are true for most stock, but is provided as a guide only, and may vary between species. For a specific description of the size of the plant and our current stock levels please contact us.

Pot/Bag Size

Plant Price

Indicative Heights

  6” (15cm)

Price on request

0.1- 0.5m

  8” (20cm)

Price on request

0.2- 1.2m

10” (25cm)


0.5 - 1.8m

12” (30cm)/13” (33cm)


Up to 2m

45 litre


1.8 – 3.5m

75 litre


3.5 – 4.0 m

100 litre


4.0 – 5.0m

150 litre


4.0 – 5.0m ++

Indicative prices of most stock,   however some varieties may vary.

Blerick’s Stock List

If you don’t see what you are after, allow us to try and source your plant for you from our extensive network of other growers.

Bare Rooted Plants

From Mid June until end of August, you can purchase bare rooted plants, while the trees are dormant.  These are dug fresh from the soil and heeled into sawdust,  to keep the roots moist over winter.  Bare rooted  plants must be planted before they start actively growing in Spring.

Super Advanced Trees in Root Control Bags (RCB) (available winter only)

These trees range between 3 to 5 metres in height, with a lovely thick calliper at the base of the trunk. They have excellent branch structure and are ideal for anyone who seeking to make an instant statement on their landscape.  They are grown in root control bags which ensures a healthy fibrous root zone and minimises root disturbance during harvesting.


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