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In 2012 Blerick Tree Farm commenced a partnership with a Chinese Consortium, to establish tree farms throughout China. Our mission is to produce and supply ornamental trees that meet international industry standards for quality and performance for the Chinese Landscaping Industry. This includes the development of exclusive ranges of trees that are not currently available commercially in China.

The scope of the venture also includes setting up a supply chain of foreign horticultural products for commercial landscaping and urban development projects in China. Blerick Tree Farm is a multi-award winner and industry leader in the fields of commercial tree growing, propagation and landscape design. The scope of our practice includes the supply and project management to large commercial projects around Australia as well as the supply to private urban developments.

We have worked hard to establish ourselves both nationally and internationally as an industry leader. We bring to the industry over 25 years of tree growing and design experience, and have been the recipients of many awards, acknowledging our excellent business and technical skills in the fields of tree production, innovative landscape design work and supply. Our professional experience spans the globe, with associations and colleagues within the tree growing Industry in China, Oregon USA and The Netherlands. Our Chinese Office is based in Shanghai and together with the commercial tree farms, employs a staff of approximately 30. The team is comprised of Management, Sales, Landscape Designer and Developers, Nursery Staff, and Administration Staff. The scope of this project and our experience has involved:

  • Liaising with international tree growers and horticultural companies both is the USA and Europe to facilitate the export of products into China.
  • Visiting the farms of Industry Leaders in both the USA and Europe
  • Importing horticultural products into China from Europe and USA
  • Technical training of nursery staff on location at the Chinese farms and on our farm in Australia.
  • Corporate Management discussion regarding future planning, business strategies, new product lines and marketing techniques
  • Involvement in planning meetings with Chinese Provincial Government Leaders
  • An understanding of business culture and negotiations in China.

Our multidimensional experience, integrated networks both in Australia and China, understanding of regulatory requirements and an established partnership in China, position us well, to facilitate trade between Chinese companies and foreign companies associated with the Horticultural Landscaping Industry and Urban Planning Design Industry sectors.

We have the capability to contract grow trees for future projects. Blerick Tree farm is interested in establishing relationships with companies in both China and Australia who are looking for superior quality and diversity of landscaping trees to add value to their project in China. We would also like to establish relationships with companies, both Chinese and Australian who would like to launch their horticultural products in China.

Contact Us: 

Orisis Landscape Science and Technology Company
Shanghai, P.R. China. 
Phone: +86 15601628618


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